Razer Sphex v2 - Free Shipping in Australia

Razer Sphex v2 – Free Shipping in Australia (RZ02-01940100-R3M1)


Designed for the gamer who wants zero elevation from their desk, the Razer Sphex v2 measures at less than half a millimeter thin. This ultra-thin form factor, combined with the improved adhesive base, makes it perfect for those who prefer an unobtrusive gaming experience. The Razer Sphex v2 is also developed to enhance your mouse performance, the Razer Sphex v2 is designed to bring out the best in both optical and laser sensors, and is optimized for both speed and control gameplay. The extra durable polycarbonate surface of the Razer Sphex v2 is lab tested to have ultra-high impact, rip, and tear strength. This incredible toughness will always deliver through intense training sessions and tournaments.


***Free Shipping in Australia***

Razer Sphex v2 - Free Shipping in Australia

  • Ultra-thin 0.5 mm surface
  • Excellent tracking quality for both laser and optical mice
  • Extra durable polycarbonate finish
  • Approximate size : 355 mm (Length) x 254 mm (Width) x 0.5 mm / 0.02 in (Height)
  • Approximate weight: 51 g


Price: $35.00

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